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2020 Newsletter


Cutech has successfully launched its e-commerce business - Waangoo @ It is open for public consumers, Waangoo is an initiative by Cutech group of companies to provide quality products at competitive price to customers from different parts of Singapore. It offers the products at everyday low prices with regular sales and promotions by having developed a state-of-the-art website and mobile application to make ordering as easy as possible.  And we have the latest warehouse and delivery technologies to ensure your order gets to you as ordered and when you want. Waangoo is a part over the cluster of mini marts in Singapore and India; by launching this online web portal it helps to get the products delivered on time.

Slug Catcher Pipe Scanning

Cutech can perform Pipe Scanning service, which enables the rapid evaluation of above ground piping for blockages and deposits. As Oil refineries, petroleum products, and petrochemicals form the major part of the industrial set-up all over the world. It is often economical and practical to carry the liquid and Gaseous products through pipe-lines rather than by Tankers over long distance. When a pipe-line has to carry such products like crude oil, refined oil, chemicals like naphtha, ethylene, propylene etc. over long distance ranging from 10 km to even 1000 km. Passing through land, rivers, sea, mountains, marshy areas, private and public land and land, rivers, sea, mountains, marshy areas, private and public land and crossing other services like roads, railways, transmission lines, underground Pipes/Cables etc, called “Cross-Country Pipe-Line”. As the name suggests it transfers the liquid/Gas products from one place to another at far distance.

The pipe scan uses the same principle of radiation transmission as the Gamma Scan to measure density differences within the piping. It can be used to determine the location of a deposit within a flowing pipeline while the equipment being operated externally. From the information obtained the density, thickness and volume of the deposit could be determined if supporting parameters are known. Scans can be performed in different planes around the piping to fully analyze the distribution of any deposit through the piping.

Cutech Solar Project

Cutech has successfully completed 1MW of Solar installations in Singapore. The team is capable of handling EPC projects to design, installation and commissioning. It is venturing into Solar leasing projects
The Solar Packages that Cutech can offer:

  • Roof Mounted PV System
  • Stand Alone PV Systems
  • Solar lighting Solutions
  • Signs and Signals
  • Water Pumping Solutions
  • Remote Monitoring System
  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • Cathodic Protection System
  • Solar Leasing
  • Solar Farm
  • Solar Energy Monitoring System


Cutech with experience of Advance NDT and Inspection services for over a decade has started performing RIG inspection and Offshore Inspection Services.

Offshore Pipes and oilfield tubular Structures are vulnerable to corrosion, cracking & third-party damage; inspecting the condition at the earlier can avoid high repair cost. Flooded Member Detection FMD is a technique developed to ensure the structural safety and physical integrity of platform. This can be used to inspect the through wall defects of subsea platform members. If these defects are left unattended will allow the ingress of sea water into the member which may create an additional point of failure for the structure over time.

The advanced Pipe Scanning technology has been developed such that it can be used in deep water and at high pressure. This method helps to determine what has happened to the supports beneath the surface.


Cutech has partnered with ScanTech Canada who are specialized for Gamma Scanning on Columns for over a decade in Refineries and various industries. The advantages of this technique is the Equipment is portable, could be hand held and the arrangement is a temporary set up on vessel during inspection. The service is performed external to the vessel and there is no preparation required by the operator. The Typical set up time on a tower is 2 hours, which can perform multiple scans at the rate of 10m/hr. and the results shall be presented on site.


Cutech Indonesia has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001and OHSAS 18001 for Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in recognition of its continuing commitment to quality and excellence in its management operations. The success of receiving ISO certification reflects the fact that Cutech is in line with international standards in terms of quality services provided.

Cutech Indonesia has received the MIGAS Certification from Indonesian Government MIGAS is a regulation by Indonesian Government where, the Equipment used in Oil, gas, Geothermal, Petrochemical and Power Generation and all general industries in Indonesia shall be certified by Government prior to operate. 

Agents / Associates / Partners Required

For more information, write to Enquiry Form or | Cutech - Download Brochure.